“Coming up to our wedding I really wanted to go to dance lessons to make sure our first dance was something really special. Ryan wasn’t keen, but I convinced him to give lessons a go with Mike. He surprised himself and ended up really enjoying the lessons – he wasn’t too bad at dancing either!

Mike customised a dance for us to our chosen song and we love surprising and wowing everyone at our wedding with an amazing first dance.”

Kelly & Ryan

Wedding dance lessons

If your big day is approaching and you want to impress your friends and family on the dance floor, we can help.

At Footwork our dance teachers can create a simple routine or something more unique to suit your music and your personalities. If you haven’t got a song in mind we can help you choose something from our studio collection.

There are no contracts and no expensive packages, just an affordable hourly rate of $70. From our experience, you’ll need three or four 1-hour lessons to ensure you’re well prepared and confident. For best results, we recommend that you join a beginner class to gain some dance experience prior to your individual private lessons.

Wedding dance tips

  • Don’t leave it until the last minute to book your lessons.
  • Before your first lesson think about the style of dance you’d like to do, but remember to take the cut of your wedding dress into consideration.
  • It’s really helpful if you can tell us the size of the dance floor you’ll be using.
  • You should practice in your wedding shoes.

We hope Footwork can be part of your preparations. For more information, or to book your lessons, please contact us.